Investment Strategies

Private Equity
Capital Invest believes there are substantial returns to be had through investments in private companies that have yet to migrate to the free market. Through a transparent relationship with business people and investors, we are capable of raising capital from companies and long-term projects, generating riches for all parties involved.
We explore three aspects: Real Estate, IT and Commodities.

Real Estate Investments
Capital Invest specializes in the real estate market, aiming towards real estate investments that offer a stable and profitable capital growth, through investments in the real estate sector, residential and commercial, like shopping centers, hotels, residential or commercial complexes, or rights in property that are capable of generating profit.

In terms of investment goals technology funds serve one aim: growth. We are specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions and the captation of resources for technology projects..

Futures Market:
Investment in commodities in the form of a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell, in the future, a quantity of the product at a specific price.

Financial Gold Assets (24k):
This is recommended for investors who seek liquidity and financial security.

Gold Trading - Import and Export:
Imports and exports precious metals and manufactured goods in a professional and adept manner.

Capital Invest

In business for over 10 years, we are an investment company specializing in real estate, IT and mineral and agricultural commodities.
With a national and international presence, we act in Brazil and in Asia (Singapore) and boast a consolidated base of clients and partners, made up of qualified investors and public and private companies. We offer personalized and exclusive financial services to our investors, aligned with their individual investment strategy, striving to achieve their personal goals.
Through our offices in Singapore and Brazil and our highly-qualified professionals, we are able to support you in all things you and your business need for good business dealings in Asia and Brazil.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We aid businesses in various parts of mergers and acquisitions (sell side and buy side) and also in the building of partnerships, offering support from the project phase through to the conclusion of the transaction. Our M&A team is led by highly-qualified professionals.