Investment Strategies

Real Estate Investments

Capital Invest specializes in the real estate market, aiming towards real estate investments that offer a stable and profitable capital growth, through investments in the real estate sector, residential and commercial, like shopping centers, hotels, residential or commercial complexes, or rights in property that are capable of generating profit.
Some investments demand in-depth knowledge of and experience in the real estate market, and Capital Invest is proud of being an innovative manager in the real estate business.
Our work involves the exploration, structuring and release of new projects and investments in real estate, as well as the administration and management of existing funds, exercising an active role in the allocation of resources.


In terms of investment goals technology funds serve one aim: growth. We are specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions and the captation of resources for technology projects.
Our focus is on projects involving:
+ Internet e service providers
+ Financial software
+ Mobile solutions and social networks
+ E-commerce software


Futures Market:

Investment in commodities in the form of a futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell, in the future, a quantity of the product at a specific price.

Financial Gold Assets (24k):

This is recommended for investors who seek liquidity and financial security. Financial gold assets can be negotiated through the following ways:
+ Deeds;
+Physical consignment.
Personalized commemorative bars and coins can also be produced for special occasions, such as: business marketing campaigns, prizes or corporate gifts. We guarantee immediate repurchase of all gold assets sold.

Gold Trading - Import and Export:

Imports and exports precious metals and manufactured goods in a professional and adept manner​