Mergers and Acquisitions

In an increasingly globalised world, M&As are essential mechanisms of shareholder value enhancement. M&A facilitate access to new markets, capacities and technologies, as well as enabling organisations to focus on core competencies. Well-planned and strategic M&As are transforming a number of corporations into global or regional powerhouses and enabling unprecedented growth beyond geographical market limitations.

We aid businesses in various parts of mergers and acquisitions (sell side and buy side) and also in the building of partnerships, offering support from the project phase through to the conclusion of the transaction. Our M&A team is led by highly-qualified professionals.

At the same time, we recognise that M&As are not without risks. Corporations need to secure the right deal at the right time and price, and integrate the acquisition to realise their strategic objectives. Just as importantly, corporations need to evaluate investment opportunities carefully, carry out due diligence thoroughly and know when to walk away. With so many moving parts to get right, it is no surprise that many acquisitions fall short of acquirers’ aims. We do everything to minimize this possibility.

In recent years, private equity (PE) has emerged as an important source of capital. The proliferation of private equities in Asia and Brazil is increasing competition for investments and pushing up valuations. It is now even more critical for private equities to identify the right deals, understand the target’s potential and maximise the value in deal structuring. Post-deal value creation and the right exit strategy are also crucial to achieving the desired returns. Our professional are trained to deal with these issues.

Capital Invest has the specialists and partners in our M&A teams in Singapore and Brazil, speciliazed in strategy advisory, deal making, structuring, due diligence, direct and indirect taxation, actuarial services, valuation, post-deal integration and M&A accounting, working alongside an equal number of specialists in information technology, governance, risks and controls.

They are supported by our industry specialists in Financial Services, Information Technology, Real Estate and Commodities. With such a wide variety of subject matter and industry experts under one roof, we have na unparallelled capacity to assemble strong integrated teams to serve our clients around the world at any time. Working seamlessly as a team, we assist both corporations and private equities enhance value across the entire deal continuum.

In the current globalised business environment, M&As are critically important to enhance shareholder value. To achieve this ultimate objective, and ensure that you get maximum value from an M&A deal, it is essential to identify the right target, value appropriately, negotiate optimum terms, address risk factors and finance the transaction optimally. These require careful selection of an M&A advisor. Conclusion of a successful deal requires an advisor with global reach and network, wide-ranging contacts, industry expertise, demonstrated track record, and above all, an ability to make the deal happen.

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